I am a geomorphologist and paleoclimatologist with specific interests in glaciers and tree-rings.  Much of my research has focused on reconstructing climate change over the past 2000 years in southern Alaska using fluctuations of valley glaciers and tree-ring data.  I have also worked in West Antarctica on ice sheet changes and in the Adirondack and Finger Lakes regions of New York on glacial deposits, landscape history, flooding hazards and tree-ring records from old forests and historical buildings.


Professor (2014 to present), SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY

Associate Professor (2005 – 2014), SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY

Assistant Professor (1999 to 2005), SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY

Visiting Assistant Professor (1998 – 1999), Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY



Ph.D. (1998), Geological Sciences, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY.  Dissertation: Tree-ring and glacial records of Holocene climate change, northern Gulf of Alaska region.

B.Sc. (1993), Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, U.K.  Honors program with concentration in geosciences, exchange year spent at SUNY Plattsburgh, NY.